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Meet the KKBI Team

We're all remote and live/work in different parts of the US!






These are just a few of the words I use to describe the KKBI team.

Most importantly, they have committed to providing a luxury and best-in-class experience to you.


Lynn Ehrhart

Energy Healer

Lynn is a soul-deep healer who is in service to the new earth's frequency and to all who are awakening to their truth. She believes it is everyone’s birthright to live as a sovereign being and that right now is the best time to claim your destiny and live your soul's purpose.


Lynn has been on the spiritual front lines for the last three decades, anchoring in the new energetic frequencies to free the planet and every living thing on it. Frequency mastery is where the magic begins.

Her mission is to keep you, one of the awakened, operating at your best.

She honed her skills at the premier psychic training school where, for ten years, she studied and taught spiritual hygiene, clairvoyance, and healing. Besides being well-versed in many healing modalities, Lynn is a licensed minister, certified professional coach, and first-degree black belt.

Jody2 clear.png

Jody Kolars

Marketing Strategist

For 30+ years, Jody has been producing results-driven creative for a diverse customer base. She is a strategist at heart and has a successful track record for bringing a variety of marketing messages to life — delivering through both social and traditional channels (print, radio, video, outdoor, etc.).

With a deep passion for great design, Jody brings extensive experience to every project. She loves to dig into client needs from start to finish – all to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


These three things are top of mind for Jody:

  1. EFFICIENCY: Years of experience in the marketing and advertising industries have made her incredibly fast — without compromising accuracy.

  2. NO EGO: She’s in this for YOU. While she won’t present something that doesn't meet the project objectives; the creative solution is not for her, it’s for you, your project, your customers.

  3. PERSONABLE: She likes to connect with her clients. When there is a natural connection, design is easy and enjoyable.


Cheryl Pajo

Being Well Advisor

When we truly see the sacredness of our being, our lives, our humanity, our interconnectedness with each other and all that is, when we genuinely embody its precious salience, we will innately cultivate and nourish our shared belongingness to One Source. 

—Cheryl | astrological • conscious leadership • intuitive • life • mindfulness advisor


Cheryl believes integral to remaining mission-focused, actualizing and sustaining impactful engagements in a continuum within our relationships, families, communities, alliances, companies, organizations and the marketplace is prioritizing self-nourishment and showing up with every breath in this human experience with conscious intentionality. She helps live an open-hearted and mindful life though contemplative practice, trauma-informed compassionate supportive care, astrology and rest while being a guiding presence back home to wholeness.


A former NYC advertising executive producer, privileged to shepherd remarkably awe-inspiring, brilliant groups of people hailing from around the globe, she exceedingly values the impact of transmitting guidance to aid in forging and propelling one’s trajectory. Close to three decades of diverse experience in varying fields, numerous notable opportunities to lead individuals and teams, she’s well aware of the highly-demanding marketplace we're engaged in. She believes that as long as we have our breath, we are invited to show up with salience, resilience and heart intelligence.


Eric Scoppp

Art Director

Eric is a highly acclaimed, performance-driven creative artist who loves new opportunities to utilize his outgoing and motivational attitude, people skills, and most importantly, his efficient and meticulous design. He has directed successful advertising and marketing campaigns in major product categories, from private sector, and hospitality to retail goods - in both domestic and international markets.


Skills include but are not limited to retail, print, brand identity, copy, OOH, POP, DTC, digital, AI, packaging, UX/UI, illustration, web, and social media. He demonstrates excellent communication skills at all levels of production including a keen awareness of fine art, popular culture, and current advertising trends. He is comfortable writing and designing in a variety of fields and has worked with an array of distinct clients including Clear Channel Communications, BurgerFi, Marvel Entertainment, University of FL, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Zimmerman Advertising, NASCAR, Miami Heat, DIADEM Sports, Crocs, SMASHBURGER, Nissan, NASCAR, Jazwares and Verizon, to name a few.

Pasquale Sena

Graphic and Web Design

Pasquale is a senior designer with over 10 years of experience in crafting engaging and effective learning experiences and marketing collateral that help companies and startups stand out from the crowd. He is skilled in the entire Adobe Creative Suite to create stunning social, infographic, and motion graphics and animations, and designs engaging and interactive eLearning courses that cater to the needs of diverse learners. 

Pasquale's military background give him a unique edge and adaptability to his work. He loves solving problems, creating solutions that inspire and empower learners, and staying ahead of the curve in the creative industry.


Daniel Sulimani

Graphic, Social Media, and Web Design

Dan is a designer, copywriter, and creative digital marketing professional with three years of experience and a knack for narrative. As the creative director of a marketing startup, he's become familiar with the ins-and-outs of building brands from scratch. He has also directed and executed successful creative campaigns across industries, from automotive to EdTech. His skills in writing email copy and designing assets for digital have helped generate over $5.5 million in funding for startups.


Dan is a scrappy upstart who loves working with small business owners and is comfortable generating creative content and strategy for nearly any medium: design and website assets, logos, social media content, branding copy, blogs, visual identity, video, print, OOH, and more

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