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KKBI Creative Agency was founded because there was a missing piece to the traditional personal branding process.

Not any more.

To find your authentic voice, and create a branding strategy before we even think about platforms, templates, colors, or even messaging, you need to start the beginning - and that's YOU.

My life's work is and has been spent in service to others. I'm happy when I know I have a positive effect on someone else's life. And I always find a way to add fun.

Karen K. Bannister CIC CLC

Your brand starts with YOU.

Your image. Your energy. Your surroundings. Your mindset. Your goals.

Our Mission

At KKBI Creative Agency, our mission is to connect with and impact women leaders who are ready to affect positive change in their lives and businesses.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the field of personal branding and marketing for women ruling, changing, improving, and influencing the world.

“You have two hands: One to help yourself, the second to help others.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Our values are the basic and fundamental beliefs that guide and motivate our attitudes or actions. They help us to determine what is important to us, and assist in deciding if an action, strategy, or plan is in line with our master plan.

Our Values guide everything we do

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Life, learning, and development is continuous, encouraged, and supported.


Provide and deliver unsurpassed service with premium value to every client.


Support, give, and live as good citizens in the communities in which we live and work.


Give ourselves and others grace and forgiveness, appreciate our differences, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Do the right thing, even when it’s hard and no one is watching.


Give by default, treat others with compassion, consideration, and kindness.


Search for continuous improvement and assume positive intent from all.


Build and develop to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of clients, partners, and friends.

Meet  the Team

KKBI attracts top talent in the industry. We are focused on delivering a luxury and personalized experience to every client.


Karen K Bannister

Founder/CEO, Creative Director

Karen is Founder/CEO and Creative Director of KKBI, and a Certified Image Consultant and Life Coach...


Eric Scopp

Graphic Design

Eric is a highly acclaimed, performance-driven creative artist who loves new opportunities to utilize his outgoing and motivational attitude...


Lynn Ehrhart

Energy Healer

Lynn is a soul-deep healer who is in service to the new earth's frequency and to all who are awakening to their truth...

Pasquale small.png

Pasquale Sena

Graphic and Web Design

Pasquale is a senior designer with over 10 years of experience in crafting engaging and effective learning experiences...


Cheryl Pajo

Being Well Advisor

Cheryl believes integral to remaining mission-focused, actualizing and sustaining impactful engagements in a continuum within ,,,


Daniel Sulimani

Graphic, Social Media, Web Design

Dan is a designer, copywriter, and creative digital marketing professional with three years of experience and a knack for narrative....

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Karen K Bannister CIC CLC

founder/ceo and creative director

My passion is being the catalyst for others to reach their goals. Authenticity and agency for others guide all I do. 


I am a certified image consultant and certified life coach. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my BS in Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and have worked in the corporate world (both private and public), supporting executives and leading in the C-suite, for 30 years.


​After realizing I had already been planning, training, and coaching and helping countless executives and peers achieve their goals, I am making my creative, design, image, and marketing skills available to you to achieve your vision.

We're going to work closely together, you should know me!

  • I'm an amazing dancer and former majorette.

  • Pursuer of luxury and lifestyle-enhancing experiences.

  • I possess an intuitive, confident yet vulnerable, and open nature.

  • I'm direct, challenging, and honest - but also kind, supportive and encouraging. I'm engaged with and powered by energy received from the universe. 

  • Reiki Master and Energy-Infused Empath

  • First Fashion and Lifestyle Writer/Editor of the Orange County Business Journal

  • Author of Close the Gap: 7 Transformational Steps to Move You From Today to Tomorrow ​

  • Mom to a perfect, adult-age son (I may be biased, but it's true.)

  • I love animals and have two senior cats, Bobo and Baby.

  • I probably wear too much black, but I love it so much.

  • Not intimidated by fear and it doesn’t stop me from trying anything.

  • I seek and embrace vulnerability, change, and confrontation. They're all positive things in my life.

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