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Looking for Independent Contractors to help revolutionize the personal branding experience

Karen K. Bannister International LLC is always looking for the best talent and skills to support the efforts of KKBI Creative Agency. We are searching for self-motivated independent contractors who are passionate about improving the lives and businesses of others.

This unique agency offers personal branding packages and services unlike others in the industry.

But this position will be unique in that you do not need to dedicate yourself full-time or even standard part-time hours. Our independent contractors will be working on-demand and assigned to clients of KKBI as they come on board as contracted for your specialty services.

This contractor position is also unique in that your rate of pay is negotiable, and will, at minimum, be full market rate – or possibly higher, depending on your skills and experience. Compensation will be paid per project, with very clear guidelines, expectations, and deliverables set from the start. We at KKBI only want to work with the best talent to provide the most luxurious experience for our clients.

Independent Contractor General Responsibilities:

  • Liaising with the client to clarify job requirements, as needed.

  • Gathering the materials needed to complete the assignment.

  • Overseeing the assignment, from inception to completion.

  • Tailoring your approach to work to suit the job specifications, as required.

  • Communicating assignment-related issues with KKBI as soon as they arise.

  • Ensuring that assignments are completed according to stipulated requirements and predetermined deadlines.

Independent Contractor General Requirements:

  • Relevant and proven experience and/or certification. Degree welcomed but not required.

  • Portfolio of completed tasks.

  • Access to all human and material resources needed to conduct duties.

  • Excellent organizational, multitasking, and communication skills.

  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities.

  • Driven, self-motivated disposition.

  • Ability to work with minimal guidance.

These are neither comprehensive nor complete lists, they are provided as introductions. 

More specific responsibilities and requirements will be shared for a position during any introductory interview following the signing of a Mutual NDA.

We are looking to work with:

Social network concept

Social Media Managers

Colorful Plastic Sheet

Graphic Artists

Portfolio Web Design

Website Designers

Photographing Art

Photographers and Videographers

Clicking on a Tablet

Public Relations Experts

Washing Green Apples

Health Coaches

Fashion Photography

Image Consultants and Stylists

If you are curious and want to learn more, please send your resume, CV, and/or website with your expressed interest in a position to, or click the button below.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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